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This story is a dual narrative physiological thriller. The first narrative is about Ed Baxter, a psychiatrist who helps all his patients, but is a mess himself. Ed is paranoid about his colleagues, his patients, and his family especially his sister. He hides everything from his wife, Sally, but she finds about all his erratic

behavior and helps him but in the end he alienates her too.He suffers from classic case of Paranoid Personality Disorder. He loses his job, is in financial distress and loses his wife. He constantly hallucinates, becomes suicidal and goes on a rampage to kill his wife, his sister and finally kills himself by jumping off a bridge. At this point the narrative shifts to exploring “What-If” Ed got the necessary help and we discover the dark secrets from his childhood that caused him to develop Paranoid Personality Disorder.


-The film is about a psychologist who can't help himself
-His life is a chaotic mess at every level
-Attempts to commit suicide within the film because of how bad things get for him.

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