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When a crack team of paranormal investigators lead by the Samsa foundation; enters an abandoned turn-of the-century prison looking for answers to a two decade old murder of a wrongly executed man. The team, lead by Daniel Samsa (John Holgren) commissions the

executed mans daughter Carrie (Daisy Leonard) and an ex-con; Hector (Dan Herrera) to summon the spirit of the executed man. Along with the help of a psychic drifter named Jason Brooks (Stu Brumbaugh) and his intuitive friend Frank (Mick O’Day) the team soon learns that the mystery they're pursuing isn't nearly as horrifying as the secrets hidden inside the jail itself. Once they find themselves and the prison on full lock-down, they must try and escape or come face to face with the terrible evil locked within.


The Vessel was filmed on location in one of the most haunted jails in the northwest.

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