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Curtis (Andrew Treglia), an American looking for an escape to a foreign land, joins his estranged Brazilian biologist brother Francis (Giovanni Araújo) on a spontaneous journey to find a rare jungle beetle in the Amazon. While hiking, Curtis is bitten by a snake.

As he enters a venom induced hallucinogenic dream the two brothers are captured as slaves by a fantasy tribe of Amazonian women, and given to the tribal queen (Fernanda Sant'ana). With the aid of another slave (Pericles Anarcos), Curtis must plot a rescue of Francis and their escape, unless he finds his new situation better than the life he left behind.


1) Lush authentic Amazonic wilderness fantasy becomes a survivalist nightmare in the jungle with cannibal women. 2) Watch the human species return to more primitive impulses in the wilderness of the jungle and the pre-modern mind. 3) Psychological fantasy film provides a perfect to escape into a cinematic acid trip. 4) Indulge in the music of Emmy Award winner, Daniel Figueiredo

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