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A hero’s journey from the most unlikely of sources, a Shakespeare in Love for the reality set...What makes this first-person doc so unique is the hero’s personal narrative; an actor/manager, dealing with the “ghost” of his father, both real and imagined. Taking place over three days,

they rehearse and perform a stage reading of Shakespeare’s classic -- in this day of mixed media and cultural attention deficit, a monumental task that is rendered gracefully. As the lives of the players juxtapose over their characters, what results is a fascinating look at how, once again, art illuminates life. By holding the mirror up to ourselves, we illuminate the world around us.


Great wellknown cast

Very interesting adaption of classic Shakespearean tale
Good production value and location
Richard Chaimberlain - huge shakespearian actor
-Having a Theatrical in US - lots and lots of postive feedback

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