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A Dark Comedy on a Serious, Timely Topic

Dave was middle management at a large investment firm in Las Vegas. He had a beautiful wife, a nice house, and a good life. When his company downsized him, he lost everything: his money, his home, his car... Even his wife left him.


Dave was about to commit suicide when his friend, Steve, a sometimes entrepreneur, has an idea: why not use crowdfunding to raise the money to save his house and get back on his feet. Raise $100,000 and he’ll live. Otherwise, he'll kill himself at the final event -- the Suicide Party.

The idea becomes even more wacky, but gains traction, when Steve introduces Dave to Gidget, a girl with a webcam and sexy online presence, to be their social media guru.

Soon Dave's #SaveDave campaign goes viral with videos like Dave being maced while the repo guy takes his car, and Dave, Steve, and Gidget soon become local celebrities.
Soon Dave is on The Late Show with Keith O'Brien where he's torn up like any other white trash celebrity. But Dave's popularity only grows.

However, the big problem is that as the deadline for the party approaches, Dave sees his following growing but not his bank account. Yet Dave has suddenly found a new reason to live due to the excitement of his campaign and the support of his friends: Steve and Gidget. Unfortunately, almost everyone else is planning to go to the party not to support him, but because they're curious to see if he'll actually kill himself.

As the Suicide Party approaches, Dave becomes more and more panicky, as he feels the deadline to end the crowdfunding campaign approaching with only a small amount of the goal reached.

So what will Dave do? Will the party go forward? Can he get the additional money he needs at the last minute? Will he actually kill himself? Or something else?

SUICIDE PARTY # SAVE DAVE tells the story of what happened.

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