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Ross Westmore battles his sexual addictions to save his relationship with the love of his life, Stephanie, and to rescue his life from the destructive path he has chosen. Ross struggles to overcome his demons in a world of temptation, placing him in some compromising situations and forcing him to lead a secret, double life as his alter-ego "Skyler."

He attempts to change his ways through counseling, attending Stephanie's bible-study group and supporting her decision to stay a virgin. His efforts waiver and his addiction threatens to ruin his life and expose "Skyler." Ross swears he is going to turn his life around once and for all. He learns life does not always allow for another chance.


A serious look at the effects of sexual addiction ; A one of a kind movie that focuses on the importance of getting the one you love rather than trivializing the issues of sex addiction ; A believable film filled with thrilling twists and turns
4 film festival awards.

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