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THE SKIN BUSINESS is a movie about how the Internet has cut into the profits of what was once thought to be a recession-proof business, and how
directors and producers are gambling on a newly- popular genre of porn: the

porn parody. This film shows how the industry takes on some of entertainment's most popular franchises and makes them xxx; from Batman, to the Addams Family, to the Brady Bunch and even animated features like American Dad, there is nothing in mainstream that can't be made fun of in porn. If you love porn, you will love this movie. If you are a virgin to the world of porn, consider this Porn 101.


Meet The Spartans meets Date Movie. Major Jane, Jesse/ Steele, Riley. A documentary about the porn industry. It is movie in the same vain as other popular porn documentaries such as Rated X a journey through Porn and The girl next Door. With the trailer receiving over 3 millon views on youtube it is already seeming very popular. It explores how the porn industry may be failing and how the porn parody is saving it. Starring some of the most popular porn stars like Nikki Benz and Nicki Hunter. Also featuring prominent porn producer's such as Will Ryder.

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