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Neville Rumble (Ian Hencher) is an obsessive man. When he meets
Lucy (Alex Lochrie) at a 'people skills' training course he becomes
infatuated. He is left devastated and deeply depressed when she leaves


Three years later, in a chance meeting, Neville sees Lucy again. But she is with her fiancé (Gavin Fowler).

Unable to accept reality, Neville takes drastic steps. Lucy finds
herself chained in an old cargo container, in an unknown location, not
knowing Neville's motives or his plans for the future.

As time passes the seesaw of power shifts and things start to go badly wrong for Neville.


Relatable angsty and awkward character for teens youths, boys and girls alike. Accomodates interest in British characters and life. Focuses on an unlikely interpersonal relationship between a boy and a girl, positive associations with "The Fault in Our Stars."

Original self funded UK Thriller, First time feature for writers Richard Miller and Lee Price, A story never told before about a charachter with aspergers struggling to cope with rejection.

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