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With a group of children gathered around her on Christmas Eve, Ambra recites the story of her special Christmas in an orphanage, as a young child, when she meets “Santa.” As we travel back in time, accompanied by “Domino The Adopted Doggie” as our host, we find that lessons learned in the

past, are still true today. Danny and Ambra are the loving parents of an adopted baby girl, Gabby. To their surprise, Ambra is now pregnant, and they are both excited to bring a baby boy into their loving family. They will soon have the best of both worlds. “The Magic Of Christmas” is a lesson to all of us that “You have to make your own luck.” For family, love and adoption to come together, “You have to make your own Luck.”


-Co-written by Marc Cushman, who also wrote the award winning feature, In the Eyes of a Killer.
-Produced and Cinematography done by Al Cacioppo, who also co-produced In the Eyes of a Killer
-Featuring Renee Paris, who worked on the TV movie, Click Clack Jack, which won for Best Short Film at the 2008 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival; also features Melissa Rene(Hell’s Kitchen) and Domino the Dog, who worked with Kimberly Williams-Paisley on her award-winning short, Shade.

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