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1st Episode

LONG MARCH HERO poster.jpg

Genre: Edutainment - 3D, HD - 2023
Age group: 6-12
Duration: 52eps*13mins
Language: English subtitles, Mandarine voices.


In September 1934, the Central Committee of the party decided to implement the strategic transfer of the Central Red Army. Red Army 24 division and local armed forces took over the external defense task, and the main point of the Red Army was to gather and prepare for departure. At that time, Xiao Qiang, who was leading the Independent Group, also participated in the external defense mission, the war was extremely fierce, and the model division of Xingguo had more than 1800 people injured or killed Xiao Qiang. Following the order of the Commander of the Military Commission, Xiao Qiang reorganized the Independent Regiment into a pioneer company under a particular war situation called  "the Country Rejuvenating Sword" and carried out the task of pioneer reconnaissance and special operations for the military commission.

2nd Episode

3rd Episode

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