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All Hallows Eve – the perfect night for a ghost hunt. At least that’s what documentary film‐maker Julia Marsh was told when she joined ‘Paranormal Investigations Inc’ for their Live Halloween special. Their mission: to unravel the mystery surrounding the legendof the ‘Screaming

Spectres of Emerson Farm’. Their mistake: to awaken an arcane presence triggering a night of heart‐stopping paranormal terror.


1* "A found footage movie from the shores of Britain. The movie really does ratchet up the tension to almost unbearable levels, and is all the better for it. This is an altogether different beast, and anyone expecting another Paranormal Activity might very well be shocked by the amount of blood and gore in this movie" -

2* *THE LEGEND OF THE 5IVE is a throwback to the late 1990s style of found footage films. The acting was solid, story was interesting, and pacing was quick. I recommend this. It was great fun. - 3* Inspired by the true story of Anne Foster the last woman in Britian assused, convicted and sentenced to death for Witchcraft.

3* - Won Best supporting actors awards at the 2013 Tabloid Witch Awards
LA sponsored by the Hollywood Investigator.


4* - Featured heavily
throughout 2013 low budget Horor Festival circuit.


*5 - Acquired numerous positive published reviews of the movie


*6 Social media promotion via Facebook and Youtube underway for 2014.

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