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Two Iraq war vets Nick and Lenny return to the hometown of their ex girlfriends to see if they can rekindle the flames. What should be a little R&R in the woods slowly turns into Murder & Mayhem, when they take off with the girls to an abandoned cabin on their closed Alma Mater campus.

There they fall prey to a deadly game of Hangman. This one comes complete with a real noose for the losers. Lust soon gives way to suspicion and fear as they turn on each other to survive. Only the Hangman knows who will win this game


-Written and Produced by Bradley Battersby, who is known for "Red Letters", featuring Jeremy Piven, Fairuza Balk, Ernie Hudson and starring Peter Coyote.
-Produced by Michael Z. Gordon ("Pulp Fiction", "The Outsiders", "Machete").
-Starring Matthew Currie Holmes ("Firewall", "Wrong Turn 2: Dead End").

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