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Something evil is waiting, lurking.... hungry, thirsty, and anxious for revenge. The Wicker demon has awakened and the woods of Knobs Creek shall never be the same. For one unlucky group of kids, a road trip to the lake turns very wrong, very fast. They soon find themselves separated, alone and



terrified as they battle a ruthless, flesh-eating creature. Outrun. Outlast. Outlive. Who among them will survive trapped deep within the Eyes of the Woods?

In the tradition of The Evil Dead and Jeepers Creepers, Eyes of the Woods is an edge-of- your-seat fright-mare destined to become a cult classic. Horrifying and wicked, Eyes of the Woods will chill your flesh as the blood drenches the screen.


-a standard slasher film, where a group of teens are away from civilization and are attacked by a super natural being
-promises to be gory and use classic "jump scare"
-the illicit acitivities of the victims before their deaths will no doubt be part of the films appeal

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