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After ten years apart, six people are summoned to the isolated island estate
of one of their former friends, now a famous horror writer. Once there, separated by guilt, yet bound together by a terrible secret, seven fractured adults try to reconnect with each other, and take stock of

their lives.Outside, the storm clouds gather. Rain, lightning and wind isolate the house by washing out the road and knocking down the power lines. The group is stranded at the estate, and unable to get off the island. Then, they begin to be brutally murdered one by one.Someone is out there in the wind and the rain, someone who has waited ten years to wreak a bloody vengeance on this group. Seven friends find themselves in a struggle to survive and outwit a diabolical killer who is savagely committed to sending them all to an EARLY GRAVE.


Large cast, more ways for the characters in the movie to die. Reminiscent of popular teen slasher/horror films from the 90's. The mystery killer element adds a lot of suspense and keeps the audience engaged as they try to figure out who the killer is.

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