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Unlike any other children's ballet video on the market, "AllyCat the Ballet Cat" is a very high quality program that features an engaging superhero animal character "AllyCat the Ballet Cat" who teaches ballet with superstar Prima Ballerina Diana Vishneva (Prima Ballerina of ABT and The Kirov Mariinsky in Russia) in a fun, imaginative and humorous way to multi-ethnic children dancers.

Ballet is a great way to help children stay fit,combat childhood obesity and gain confidence. the feature includes basic ballet technique, ballet language, fun dance combinations, solo performances from legendary Diana Vishneva, creative stretching, barre and center exercises. As a bonus feature, there is an exclusive interview with Prima Ballerina where she shares her dance secrets and rare photos of her dancing as a child.


Dancing ballet is a great way for children to stay fit, help combat childhood obesity and gain confidence. A valuable opportunity for children and parents to learn ballet from Prima Ballerina Diana Vishneva, one of the greatest ballerinas in the world. A living legend. (Similar to learning basketball skills from Kobe Bryant or soccer skills for David Beckham). A timeless, engaging animal character "AllyCat the Ballet Cat" is a superhero for children and dance. The cat characters make the learning process fun, imaginative and entertaining for children. Affordable way for children to learn ballet, a beautiful classical art that improves coordination, mental development and your child's imagination.

-Diana Vishneva, possibly the most famous Ballerina in the world

-it's a children's movie, it teaches them, helps them learn ballet, and gives them world's best as an example. Ballet is more difficult than it looks, and this film is also aimed at helping young girls learn Ballerina as an excercise and fitness pastime. Teaches children to overcome overwieght problems with Ballet.

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